What is Narcissistic Contempt?


Narcissistic Contempt

Contempt; it’s the gift that keeps on giving in the narcissistic world.  Contempt is the curl of the lip. Contempt is the look of disdain. Contempt is the minimizing of your concerns and the downplaying of your emotions.  Contempt is the eggshells you walk on to keep your world from falling apart.  Contempt is the undeniable corrosion of your soul.

Contempt is the experience that changes a dear friend into an enemy.  Contempt is the mask that falls away and reveals the truth.  Contempt is the righteousness of racism, the misogyny of sexism and the flying hand in the abusive spouse. Contempt is where hatred lies. 

Contempt is the physical manifestation of ego. Contempt is the embodiment of the darkness that lies within all of us. Contempt is the bubbling up of the miasma from long ago fought wars.

Contempt is a place where joy cannot enter, where monsters roam the dark and feast on the dying of your spirit.  Contempt is the original dark place. 

Contempt is where relationships end.  Contempt is words spoken with derision and the energy switching to disgust.  Contempt is the roar of the monster. 

Contempt is spittle from the mouth, fists slamming on countertops and anger etched into the lines of the lips.

Contempt is sobbing on the bathroom floor with your knees curled up to your chin.  Contempt is the agony etched into your limbs.  Contempt is the emotional noose around your neck.

Contempt is the strutting of a peacock.  Contempt is the posing to be seen in just the right light.  Contempt is the cruel joke, followed by the ‘just kidding.’   Contempt is the fake tears of a consummate actor playing his audience. 

Contempt is the ‘Love it’ followed by mocking laughter.  Contempt is the tightening of control and the strangling of happiness.  Contempt is cruel.

Contempt is the raising of one person at the expense of another.  Contempt is a false self trying to hide.  Contempt is the loneliness of the ego, wrapped in superiority.

Contempt is interrupting when listening is important.  Contempt is the soft glove encasing the iron fist.  Contempt is pain.

Contempt is the panic attack in the middle of the night. Contempt is weaponized  fear of the future. Contempt is the absence of joy.

Contempt ends when you say enough. Contempt ends when you run away from home. Contempt ends when you demand freedom.

Contempt ends when you decide you are worthy of respect.Contempt ends when you decide that you are not the punching bag for someone else’s ego. Contempt ends when you choose yourself over someone who doesn’t ever choose you. Contempt ends when you decide …

You are enough.


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