Have you ever wondered how each narcissist behaves according to their astrological sign?

How does the Gemini differ from the Virgo? Are there behaviors that are more prevalent in the Leo than the Scorpio? What does love bombing look like when an Aries does it?

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Astrology and the Narcissist

According to astrology each sign is blessed with a certain number of characteristics because of the date of their birth. Using astrological characteristics, both negative and positive, plus the typical behaviors of narcissists according to psychology I came up with a list of how the characteristics and behaviors might combine.



  • How each sign love bombs according to their positive traits
  • How each sign devalues according to their negative traits
  • Which signs are heavier on the covert narcissistic side
  • Which signs tend to showcase more typical narcissistic tendencies
  • Which signs are the psychopaths of the Zodiac

Each Sign as a Narcissist


Jan 20 – Feb 18


Feb 18 – Mar 19


Mar 20 – Apr 18


Apr 19 – May 20


May 21 – Jun 21


Jun 21 – Jul 22


Jul 23 – Aug 22


Aug 23 – Sep 22


Sep 23 – Oct 22


Oct 23 – Nov 21


Nov 22 – Dec 21


Dec 22 – Jan 19

Learn more about the narcissist in your life

Astrology is a good place to start, but if you’re looking for psychology based information, relevant books to read, stories about the various ways the narcissist, psychopath and the DSM5 cousins impact your life, the tricks they use and they counter moves you can use to stop them, please take a look at my blog posts.