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What the astrological signs tells you about a narcissist


According to astrology each sign is blessed with a certain number of characteristics because of the date of their birth. Check out the list of how the characteristics and behaviors might combine.


10 Things You Like About Yourself

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One of the most common experiences after you end a relationship with a narcissist is the feeling that you’ve lost yourself. The exercises in this PDF are designed to remind of the truly unique and wonderful person that you are.

10 Steps to Get Over the Narcissist… Fast

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Tasks focused on you!
Tasks to stop obsessing about him!
Tasks to date again and find the love you deserve!


Discover the 5 common types of narcissists

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How to spot them and how to stop them.
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Catherine Stuckey

Having taught English for years I never thought I’d be translating what the narcissist says to other people.

I’ve spent four years researching the world of narcissism, through work, dating and personal interviews. My mission is to help others recognize narcissism and through this recognition stop the narcissistic cycle from continuing.

Bending narcissism

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Recover from the narcissistic love dance once and for all!

Life is incredibly short and if you’ve spent significant time with a narcissist you may feel like it’s time that you’ve wasted, but together we can shine the light on the lessons you’ve learned and turn your trauma into triumph!