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To take on the old paradigm of the narcissistic relationship dance and empower women so they never need to stress about the narcissist again.

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5 Types of Narcissists

Ways to identify, and avoid The Somatic, the Cerebral, the Covert, the Communal and the Malignant narcissist.

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Please leave me a comment to collaborate on anything narcissism related. I’m always eager to engage in new ideas and approaches to ending the reign of narcissism in our world.

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Catherine Stuckey, M.A.


Having taught English for years I never thought I’d be translating what the narcissist says to other people.

I’ve spent four years researching the world of narcissism, through work, dating and personal interviews. My mission is to help others recognize narcissism and through this recognition stop the narcissistic cycle from continuing.

Discover the 5 common types of narcissists, how to spot them and how to stop them.

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