‘Celeste’ is a work of fiction.

This character walked into my mind roughly five years ago and at that time I’d never even heard the word ‘narcissism’. Still, Celeste was there, alive and well, kicking at my subconscious mind.

Originally, the character of Celeste was a man, but something about it just didn’t feel right and three chapters in I realized it was because the character needed to be a woman. ‘Celeste’ was written in the form of a blog, because I wanted to give Celeste the freedom to tell her story directly to the audience.

While I may not have known about narcissism during Celeste’s inception, as my research into the topic evolved so did Celeste’s character. Celeste has characteristics of the classic female narcissist, the most obvious is her obsession with her own beauty. And while ‘Celeste’ is most definitely a work of fiction I have adopted characteristics from actual female narcissists I have encountered and layered them into her character.

I’ve decided to put the book on the blog because I wanted to have the perspective of a female narcissist as well. Many of the situations in the book are exaggerated examples of the malignant narcissist/psychopath dynamic, but as it is a work of fiction I took poetic license to write it that way.

As for ‘Celeste’… during a time when my life was falling apart I could go inside her head and for a few hours she gave me respite. She is the anti-heroine, a ‘Wonder Woman’ for the broken and to say she saved me is not too far from the truth. Writing ‘Celeste’ helped me understand the mind of the narcissist. I could write from my perspective and hers and in doing so it helped me craft some of the methods I use for ‘Bending Narcissism.’

Chapter 4: Tonight’s Lesson – Malignant Narcissists

Hello, Hello…You’ve come back. I am rather addictive, aren’t I? There I go again with my grandiosity. There’s absolutely no part of me that doesn’t believe I’m the most awesome person on the planet. If you’re wondering why my vocabulary has suddenly devolved to the...

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Chapter 3: The Seven Deadly Sins

Hello again. Tonight I imagine some of you brought popcorn for my nightly edition of ‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath…’ Won’t you be my neighbor? Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you…you… and me, a psychopath? There are definitions, of course....

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Chapter 2: Mr Smith

Good evening. Have you waited with bated breath for me to come back online? I do hope I haven’t entered into the realm of false beliefs about my greatness. I don’t say that because I care what you think of me. I must be very clear on this point. Your opinion doesn’t...

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Chapter 1: Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath

Hello, I’m Celeste. As the title suggests, I’m a psychopath, but an ever so delightful version of one. If you accept me as I am we’ll get along and you’ll learn ever so much. In order for us to be friends you are going to have to forget everything you think you know...

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Bending narcissism

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Catherine Stuckey, M.A.

Having taught English for years I never thought I’d be translating what the narcissist says to other people.

I’ve spent four years researching the world of narcissism, through work, dating and personal interviews. My mission is to help others recognize narcissism and through this recognition stop the narcissistic cycle from continuing.

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