About ME

My story is like all of yours. I met a man, fell in love, ignored all of the red flags until…You know what day I’m talking about. You found photos or text messages that weren’t from you and googled ‘serial cheating’, ‘silent treatment’, or ‘pathological lying’ then screamed ‘F#@&K’ when the word narcissism popped up.

Your brain went into crazy mode and Google thought you were trying to break it…yep, me too…until I discovered the only way to beat the narcissist was to become a BIGGER narcissist. Problem solved! So, I spent the last 3 years interviewing and dating narcissists and discovered what made them tick.

This website is a result of my research. My dream for all of us who have lived in the narcissistic relationship vortex is to stop it from ever happening again. Let’s transform ourselves and together, we can make narcissism a myth that our children laugh about instead of something they have to endure.

Catherine Stuckey, M.A.

Take power from the narcissist and return it to you!

It’s time for a new approach towards narcissism. Time to take charge.

Narcissism is ubiquitous these days: relationships, business, politics – you name it. I’m not here to blame. My mission is to shed a new light on narcissim, one that helps understand it and then bend it – for happier, healthier relationships for everyone.


Passion for your own life. When you stand in your own power, your own passions, and desires, no one can take that away from you, not the narcissist, not anyone.


Loyalty to yourself and to the others in your life that bring it value. Loyalty creates identity. When you walk in loyalty you define yourself as someone who can be trusted and someone who demands loyalty in return.


The world of the narcissist is not for the weak. When you survive and when you thrive afterwards you define courage for yourself and become a beacon of hope for others who are struggling. Courage is hope in action.


The person you blame is the person who has power over you. The narcissist no longer has power. You do! You choose you. You choose a life of fulfillment, of new challenges, of joy. You choose because you are the light that lifts up others. You choose you.


All of that energy you gave to the narcissist…it’s time to bring it back home where it belongs. Use that positive energy towards a new project, a new career, time with your family. Transform that energy into dreams that you sacrificed to tend to someone else’s ego. This new chapter belongs to you and you decide how to write it.

Discover the 5 common types of narcissists, how to spot them and how to stop them.

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